About Us

Corporate Security Consultants (CSC) provides the highest standards of security coverage throughout the Central American region.Group CSC was founded in 2000. We develop comprehensive security programs that are designed to mitigate risk for Governmental facilities, private corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals living and working in high-risk environments. From our beginning in Guatemala in 2000 we expanded our operations to El Salvador in 2003, Honduras in 2004, Nicaragua in 2005, and Costa Rica in 2006. Presently Group CSC has multiple offices and safe container yards strategically dispersed throughout the Central American Region. From our headquarters located in Guatemala we oversee our regional operations.


This centralized approach benefits our clients by assuring them that our policies, procedures, training, and delivery of services are uniform in all countries that we serve. Corporate Security Consultants promotes from within. This policy provides our employees with a clearly defined career path that enables us to attract top human talent. Our expansion of operations within Central America has opened more than 1,000 job opportunities for people living in the region. Group CSC is proud to contribute professional opportunities with a clearly defined career prospect that contributes to the well- being of our employee’s families and improves our local communities.


Group CSC responds to client needs. We are 24/7/365 on duty to respond to every client need. We have established operations centers in each country that can respond immediately to your alarm, GPS panic button, or send an entire reaction team to backup your bodyguards. Group CSC protects many embassies, multinationals, non-governmental organizations, families, and businesses with the highest quality security services at an exceptional value.



Group CSC is a company that was created to provide Land, Air, and Maritime security services including investigations, assessments, loss prevention, and protection for people, installations, and assets in Central America with services based in advanced technologies contributing to the betterment of our employees, clients, vendors, and stockholders.
To be a leading provider of security services, protection, and guards in Central America utilizing the latest technological advancements offering total solutions to our clients in order to avoid and confront loss and risk.