We offer security consulting services and training courses.  Our consulting services and training courses are custom tailored to meet our clients’ needs.


  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Surveys
  • Security Auditing
  • Crisis Management
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • Pre-Hiring Interview Techniques
  • Investigative Interview Techniques
  • Investigations
  • Fraud Detection Services
  • Background Investigations and Due Diligence Investigations
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Due Diligence


  • Self Defense
  • Executive Security
  • Defensive and Offensive Driving
  • Firearm Use and Marksmanship
  • And many more specialized courses in electronic and tactical security areas.

Risk Evaluation Our specialized team of seasoned professionals evaluates all aspects of a client’s organization, physical facilities, operational activities, policies, procedures, and crisis management plans to identify areas that need improvement and then delivers a detailed plan outlining the steps needed to improve your security posture.

To guarantee accurate and uniform results, Group CSC uses a global model of risk evaluation which evaluates assets, threats, and mitigating factors of vulnerability for all risk levels.  This model evaluates current and as well as future risks.  Group CSC uses the information gathered to evaluate and formulate a specialized security management plan with detailed guidance for implementation of programs and solutions that prevent and mitigate risks for the organization, group, family, or individual.

Individual Protective Measures This course is designed to increase awareness, and to train an executive, his family, and  key employees in developing a personal security plan.

The course teaches participants how to improve their personal security at home, work, and when traveling.  This one-day seminar teaches security enhancement techniques, which are applicable anywhere in the world.

Pre-Employment interviewing techniques This one-day course trains personnel who interview applicants or suppliers to identify when an individual is being deceptive during the interview.  This course compliments the Investigative Interviewer techniques course and is especially suited for the Human Resource and Purchasing Specialists.

Investigative Interviewing Techniques This three-day course provides the course participants with an Investigative Interviewing capability and the training to administer a Voice Stress Analysis assisted interview.  This course is designed for Human Resource personnel, Security Managers, or anyone else requiring or desiring the ability to identify the truth while conducting an interview.

Defensive Driving This course is designed to train safer and more competent drivers.  Anyone who drives in different countries where different driving habits are encountered or anyone who has fleet drivers will appreciate and benefit from this course.

Counter Assault Driving techniques This course is designed for individuals who drive in a medium to high threat environment.  The techniques taught will allow the driver to evade and escape from potentially threatening situations.
 Anyone who drives in an area with a high incidence of vehicle assaults and kidnappings will appreciate this course.