Corporate Security Consultants (Group CSC) was founded in Guatemala in the year 2000 with the aim of providing integrated security solutions in ground operations, airport, maritime and port.
In view of the increasing need for security services in Central America, Group CSC began its expansion and opens the second based in El Salvador in April 2003, Honduras in June of the year 2004, Nicaragua in October 2005, Costa Rica 2006 in December.
Our organization has a parent company, CSC Limited, located in Guatemala where key policies designed to ensure sustainable growth sought in the region. We have consolidated through a corporate culture that identifies, builds on and develops the human talent to create synergies in our different activities.
For Group CSC is very important to positively influence the community, expansion of our operations has given us the privilege of creating jobs for more than 1,000 Central Americans, thus helping professional and personal growth of our employees, the welfare of their families and improving local economies.
Our efforts are focused on delivering quality services, integrity, discretion and professionalism. We run our business with a quality platform that strengthens Group CSC operations to meet the changing environment in which we operate and maintain continuous improvement.