Group CSC Services Division introduces K-9 Search Services for the Central American Region.


In response to the needs of our customers in the region and as part of our high service standards, Group CSC has selected the best trained and most experienced K-9 teams to ensure superior performance in the detection of drugs and explosives.


K-9, Drug Detection

Group CSC’s K-9 Division Drug Detection Dogs are trained to do searches in any environment, from airports, naval ports, factories, farms, buildings, shipping containers, vehicles, luggage, correctional facilities, commercial centers, schools, and public places.


Group CSC’s Drug Detection Dogs have been selected and trained for a thorough search with a passive but firm warning upon detection.  Our dogs have been trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.  During training our dogs are paired with veteran drug dogs to ensure that they are able to detect all of the aforementioned illegal substances.


K-9, Bomb Detection

Group CSC understands the threats that businesses face every day, so we offer K-9 bomb detection that can save the lives of you and your team as well as avoiding any business losses or damages.


Group CSC’s explosive detection dogs undergo the same type of exacting training as our drug detection dogs.  Each dog is trained using real explosives and is trained to identify the unique scent of 15 different types of explosive material.

Your company can rest assurred that Group CSC’s explosive detection dogs are up to the task .

Our explosive detection dogs have been trained to perform in real life situations such as: airports, buildings, ports, universities, malls and other public places.  






K-9 Personal Protection

With our extensive experience in Executive Security Protection, Group CSC introduces K-9 Protectionfor senior executives.  Our dogs have been specifically selected and trained with the emphasis on obedience and protection for the individual.