Monthly Regional Security and Risk Analysis


Group CSC announces that it is now publishing a Monthly Regional Security and Risk Analysis that provides the latest crime statistics and analysis of the current security situation for all 6 of the Central American countries.  This monthly report, in Spanish, is like nothing else on the market today.  Besides just telling you about what happened, Group CSC provides in an in depth analysis of the situation that you can use to see how the current situation will impact your business and employees.  Every day our analysts make contact with every country to get the latest updates and information about incidents that occurred in the prior 24 hours.  These incidents are compiled and analyzed to provide your business with the latest most up to date information and analysis that can be used to make decisions about your business’ security and resiliency plans.  These reports are very detailed and on average are 70 pages long (about 12-15 pages per country) and provide the information your business and the Security Manager needs to make informed decisions.  If you would like a sample of the report please contact our Business Development Manager Bill Strobel ( and he will be happy to send you one so you can see for yourself how useful this product is.