Strategic Alliance: Group CSC & ScentLogix™
ScentLogix™ is the arm of Polymath Interscience LLC earmarked for the commercialization of tools and products realized from its technological innovations in the science of biological olfaction and scent detection, and for the application of t...
K-9 Unit Demo: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
Group CSC's K-9 unit has performed several demonstrations throughout the region.  Contact us
Strategic Alliance: Group CSC & Southern Coast
Group CSC and Southern Coast K9 Incorporated introduced the K-9 Unit for Drug Searching; with certificated handlers and dogs by the American Asociation for K-9 Detection and  under the US K-9 police department.
European Union Delegation in Guatemala
CSC group has started the uniformed, executive and electronic private security services contract a few months ago, adding value to such a worthy mission that accomplishes the diplomat delegation in Guatemala.
Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica
With the combination of foreign and local visitors, high level executives, diplomats and high level facilities, CSC Group faces the challenge of keep the services of one of the most demanding sections: Embassies, as the Canadian Embassy, to who we...