Strategic alliances


Group CSC continues to strengthen its operations in the region, through Strategic Alliances.


Recently Group CSC has formed a Joint Venture with Genesis IMG to provide security for the US Government in El Salvador.


Group CSC has formed an alliance with Securitas Costa Rica to provide security services in Central America.  The first joint venture will be to provide security services to Stream Global Services in Honduras


Group CSC has been working with Andrews International in collaboration on several bids for security services in the region as well as providing Executive Protection for Andrews International customers when they travel to Central America.  


Group CSC has formed alliances with Northcutt Global Services and Global Rescue to provide emergency medical evacuation and security services in Central America.  


Group CSC has been chosen by ICD Security Services to provide electronic security service support for Target Store locations in Central America. 


The most recent strategic alliance was made with ScentLogix™, the arm of Polymath Interscience LLC for the commercialization of its tools and products.  ScentLogix™ is a leader in the field of scent detection and developing tools for the successful training of scent detection dogs.


Recently Group CSC successfully formed an alliance with Southern Coast K9  Group CSC andSouthern Coast K9 are working together to provide K-9 services in Central America.


Group CSC has also established a strategic alliance with Akal Security Inc. Group CSC and Akal Security are working together to provide services to the U.S. Government in the region.


Group CSC and Astro Physics Inc. have also formed a strategic alliance to offer in Central America a line of TSA compliant of x-ray inspection equipment for baggage and cargo screening in security applications.