The quality of a guard service is directly related to the company’s’ screening, selection, training, and supervision practices. 


Vetting Process

Group CSC has a very stringent vetting process which includes verification of documents, past employment records, and references.  It also includes drug testing, polygraph examinations, physical fitness assessment, and mental stability assessment.  This stringent selection practice assures us and our clients that the guards we provide are of the highest caliber that we demand from our employees and that our clients expect from us.



All of our guards receive a basic induction course lasting 40 hours.  The induction course includes qualification on the firing range with a variety of weapons.  After the basic induction training, all guards receive periodic refresher training throughout their employment.  Additional levels of training and specialized skill sets are provided to meet client needs and requests.  We offer a full spectrum of guard services from the basic uniformed guards to specialized medically trained personnel or pilots



Our guards are well supervised.  Each guard post receives per shift supervisory checks and visits, as well as random supervisory checks and visits.  In addition each guard receives quarterly written reviews of their performance that determines pay increases and advancements.  

 Group CSC’s commitment to its clients in the realm of physical security is unparalleled in the Central American Region.  Group CSC’s Physical Security personnel receive extensive induction training and then undergo continuing training updates every 90 days including time on the firing range and simulation exercises.  For the highest quality physical security guard services in Central America, allow us to custom tailor a physical security plan that meets your needs and expectations.  Group CSC works with you and your company to develop the physical security you need, our experience and record of success, reflects the exceptional value we bring to complex and challenging assignments.