WireWall® High Security Mesh

WireWall® High Security Mesh
Group CSC is proud to be the exclusive distributors in Latin America for Riverdale Mills’ WireWall.   
WireWall® High Security Mesh is used for applications where safety and restriction is of extreme importance. WireWall® High Security Mesh provides a superior barrier that is highly resistant to climbing and cutting and will never unravel or lose tension like chain link. With WireWall® you get an upscale appearance that delivers high security performance.
WireWall® High Security Mesh Advantages:
Powerful welded wire and joints makes cutting virtually impossible
Narrow openings make for no finger or toe holds
Corrosion Resistant
Stubborn against breakdown caused by aging and weather
Typically less expense than similar security fence solutions
Comes in two different finishes Galvanized after welding (an industry exclusive) or galvanized after welding with a PVC coating in black, green or white as well as square or rectangular patterns in different sizes and wire gauges ranging from 10.5 to 6.   

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